Tee Plaques Installed for Shorter Course

As of this morning, I installed plaques for a shorter distance golf course to play from. These plaques are located 18 inches from the edge of the fairways. On the par three tees, they are located on the front of the forward most tee box. The new tee plaques will play to a yardage of 4082 yards. Anyone can play from these plaques – juniors, seniors, and anyone in between. The course will be rated in the near future so you will eventually be able to post scores from it. They are plaques and not tee markers so they’ll have minimal interference with course maintenance.

Below is a hole-by-hole description of which side of the fairway the plaque is located on. The fairways are not flat on both sides, so that’s why they are not consistent. After playing the plaques once, you’ll learn their location.


#1: Right – 225 yds                                                    #10: Left – 355 yds

#2: Left – 220 yds                                                     #11: Left – 265 yds

#3: Left – 290 yds                                                     #12: Front of Tee – 135 yds

#4: Front of Tee – 122 yds                                      #13: Right – 235 yds

#5: Right – 310 yds                                                  #14: Right – 220 yds

#6: Left – 290 yds                                                    #15: Left – 200 yds

#7: Front of Tee – 135 yds                                      #16: On Drop Tee – 130 yds

#8: Left – 200 yds                                                   #17: Left – 335 yds

#9: Left – 205 yds                                                    #18: Left – 190 yds


Come out, try it, and enjoy!

Mike Manthey


4 Replies to “Tee Plaques Installed for Shorter Course”

  1. Rob Etten says:

    How about a new tourney from these tees? Love it, Mike!

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      Yes! That’s a great idea Rob. Let’s give players a different look and club in their hand than they’re used to.

      1. Joleen miller says:

        Thanks mike. The weather is good so we can get a chance to play the shortened course. Much appreciate you getting them in.

      2. Mike Manthey says:

        You’re welcome Joleen. Enjoy and give us feedback!

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