Jim Urbina, Golf Course Architect

Jim Urbina 

Jim has a very interesting background, and just like Seth Raynor, golf course architecture wasn’t his first career. The following link is a great introduction to Jim, discussing where he was in his career 15 years ago. The remaining links are a great resource to get to know him. After getting through all of this information, it will be obvious why we chose to have Jim create a Master Plan for Midland Hills. His background of understanding Seth Raynor’s architecture and his subtle intentions, his track record of implementations of Master Plans, sound and efficient construction techniques, as well as his understanding of maintaining what is constructed, are second to none.



  • Here’s a few Podcasts from Andy Johnson of the Fried Egg. It’s a two-part series, and after listening, you’ll get a better sense of Jim’s personality, his background, and obvious love and deep knowledge for Classic Golf Course Architecture:




  • Here is a fantastically documented restoration that Jim implemented at Yeamans Hall, Jim’s most recent Seth Raynor project. The work was completed in 2017:



  • A few interviews with Jim from Golf Club Atlas:




  • A spotlight Colorado Golfer wrote about Jim: 



  • A podcast that Jim did on Turfnet Radio:



  • A few videos of Jim on The Golf Channel discussing Architecture:




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