So close but not quite enough..

For you snow enthusiast out there, I feel your pain. This year has been less than stellar to get out and cross country ski and/or snowshoe. The few times we’ve had snow this year, it’s been so cold and windy that it hasn’t stayed in place. This week is no different. We attempted to groom the trails today, but as you can see from the pictures below, there simply isn’t enough consistent snow depth to make a full lap around the front or the back 9. We did lay a flat track on the back 9 loop, as there is slightly more snow back there from the West winds, but I have to warn you that there are two crossings over cartpaths that have no snow. There are also a few areas that have only ~1″ so ski at your own risk. Regardless, if you do come out to enjoy, please follow the trail and stay off all playing surfaces -greens, tees, and fairways, to prevent ice formation and winter kill. It looks like there is another chance for snow this coming Sunday/Monday. Fingers crossed we get enough to produce a better trail for you!

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