Frost Forewarning

This is slightly early in the season for frost delays, but not out of the norm. However, everything is aligning for a frost delay tomorrow morning, Saturday September 29th. We’ve just been put under a freeze warning by the National Weather Service, which means if you have any annual flowers, or vegetables, etc., that you’d like to extend their life for another few weeks, you need to cover them up or bring them inside tonight!

It’s impossible to say that there’s a guarantee for frost tomorrow, as it’s impossible to say how long it will last if we do experience a delay. The forecasted low is 35 degrees, with clear skies, and no wind, which are conducive for a frost event. But so you are not surprised when you wake up, you have been forewarned!

Here’s the good part if we do experience frost — The Ryder Cup will be on TV! So come in, have some breakfast, chat with your friends, and cheer on the USA.

If there is frost tomorrow morning, an email will go out through ForeTees, and the golf shop staff will keep everyone up to date on the progress. As is the norm, we will try to get play out as soon as possible after it’s safe, but that also means that, in order to do so, we forego normal weekend maintenance.

Have a great Friday,

Mike Manthey

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