Too Much Rain

The weather for the past 4 weeks have been anything but ideal, it just won’t stop raining.

Yesterday and into this morning, we’ve received another 1.5″ of rain. Unfortunately, carts will have to be kept off the course today.

With having the sun so low in the sky, cold temperatures, and not even seeing the sun for several days, it is very difficult for the soil to dry out. The property is completely saturated.

We have not mown any grass all week, except for tee surrounds with our 21″ walk mowers, and even that was difficult to not do damage to the turf. As I wrote about in this month’s newsletter, any damage done to the golf course this time of year will not recover, and unfortunately show itself next Spring as well.

Tomorrow’s forecast is for heavy wind, which will knock a lot of leaves down. However, we won’t be able to mulch any leaves with our large mowers until Friday, when the surface hopefully is dry enough.

The challenge of this Fall’s weather continue, but we keep doing what we can to complete small course improvement projects and stay positive.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Mike Manthey

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