The End

The end of the 2018 golf season is here.

The last day of golf will be this Sunday, November 4th.  

With the forecast next week, of high winds, and highs in the 30’s, it will take us at least 2 weeks to get our winter preparations completed.

I was hoping for a longer fall golf season but at least we made it into November!

Thank you for all of your support, patience, and smiles this season. I’m very proud of the conditions we produced with the weather we were given. My staff worked extremely hard, and their efforts showed.

Thanks for another great year, and I hope to see you out there over the next few days.

Mike Manthey

5 thoughts on “The End

  1. too bad, the course was great yesterday. A question, when did players stop fixing ball marks on the greens? I fixed 2 or 3 on every green I played on Friday.

  2. Mike,

    Kudos to you and your staff. No other Twin Cities course I played this year had better conditions than Midland Hills; most, including the renowned White Bear Yacht Club, had notably worse playing surfaces. When the rains were less than constant, Midland got as firm and fast (i.e., ideal) as I have seen it since I joined the club in 2012. Please take rightful pride in that.

    I only wish the entire membership and all of our visitors would show the same pride of trusteeship — driving their carts only where they belong, properly repairing ball marks, carefully raking bunkers, and re-placing divots. I played nine holes yesterday afternoon and repaired, at a minimum, 50 unrepaired or poorly repaired ball marks on the greens and front fringes. (Please devote one of your newsletter entries next spring — and every succeeding spring — to teaching people how to repair ball marks, how to use the divot mix when the divot explodes into unrepaceability, how to take divots on the range, etc.)

    Thanks again for a great, albeit much too short, season. On to 2019!


    P.S. Two great pictures!

    I think Olive needs to spend more time down on 15. Quite the gaggle of Canadas there recently!

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