Women’s US Open at Seth Raynor Venue

This year’s women’s US Open is held at Country Club of Charleston, a 1925 Seth Raynor Design. This fantastic course was restored several years ago, and will showcase some of Raynor’s best work on a flat piece of land.

You’ll see all of the Template/Ideal holes, and hopefully nicely highlighted throughout the TV  broadcast.

Andy Johnson did a great drone review of the course, covering some of Raynor’s work, that I highly recommend. He highlights some of the unique features that might not get attention during TV coverage.


George Waters, of the USGA, also created a short write up on CCC, that is a nice, quick informational read.


You will see some similarities to Midland, and you will see many aspects that Jim Urbina will restore, green complexes being the major aspect of change. Sharper lines, bolder features, lowered tee complexes, and wider playing corridors, to create the proper angles of play that Raynor intended, will hopefully show well on TV. You will notice many more bunkers at CCC, which Raynor often implemented on flat sites.

This will be a great venue to challenge the best players in the world, and will be a great way for you to see a properly restored Seth Raynor club that is all about golf.

The link below has the TV coverage/times, and some nice information regarding CCC.


Also, it’s a par 71 for member play (!)……

I hope you get a chance to see some of the coverage of this great golf course.

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