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This page will be designed to ask any question you may have. It might be about the Master Plan, or it could be about something you’ve seen or heard, that you’d like clarity on. Whatever question or comment comes to mind, this is the place for it!

So I’ll start with a common question that I’ve received this week.

  • Why are we removing trees, right now, in the middle of summer? 
    • Part of the Master Plan is widening the fairways to get them back to the original land forms. These land forms functioned in two ways; they gave the shorter hitter a place to play to, so that their ball would hold on the fairway. For the longer hitter, the wider fairway carried their ball further away from the center of the playing corridor (the rough did not stop it), which created a tougher angle into the green. When the bunkering is restored next fall, it will create an even more heroic shot, forcing the player to carry the bunker, and play a much tighter variance of yardage to pins.
    • In order for us to widen the fairways, we must remove several trees. Our hope, is to start to transition the rough into fairways this fall. Yes, the project doesn’t officially start until next year, but the process of converting rough to fairway will take several years to flip, so we want to start the process as soon as possible. I’ll cover this process more, in a future post. The good part is, there won’t be any affect to play while the process takes place.
    • Thank you for your patience while we remove select trees, grind their stumps, fill and compact them, and get them grassed, in preparation for the Master Plan implementation.

As always, please reach out with questions and/or concern.

Mike Manthey


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