With the rain last night, and forecasted for most of the morning, the golf course will be open for play, but walking only. No carts will be allowed today. 

The weather pattern that we’ve been in the past 7 days have been anything but kind. I’m certain I haven’t seen the golf course this wet, this late in the fall, in my time here. This is not ideal for many reasons, playing golf on great surfaces being the biggest reason. Soil temperatures have been unusually high for the past several weeks, meaning the turf has not slowed it’s growth as it usually does. Being that it’s been extremely wet, we haven’t been able to get a quality cut on many areas, and have had to deal with unsightly grass clippings on fairways. This, coupled with the earth worms becoming extremely active with the excessive moisture, have made a muddy mess of the fairways as well. This situation, combined with our deep-tine aerfication of fairways, is not ideal. We are not excited with the conditions of the fairways right now, but with these saturated conditions, we can only be patient, and hope it dries out quickly.

With cooler temperatures arriving, soil temperatures are rapidly dropping, which will slow the growth of everything, and allow us to be more strategic with timings of mowings. Unfortunately, it looks like by next weekend, frost could potentially start bogging us down……you have to love fall in Minnesota.

Mike Manthey

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