Winter Trails are Ready

After almost a foot of snow since last week, the winter walking and skiing trails are groomed, and ready for use. Justin has just finished preparing them, and reports they are in great shape for the first groom of the season. I say this every year, but if you have never used the trails in the winter, you truly are missing out on a fantastic experience. The golf course looks amazing with a fresh coat of snow, which really shows off its unique topography, and the quietness is tranquil.

As always, there are three trails combined into one large trail. Classic cross-country skiing will be in the middle, skate-skiing will be on one side, and walking/snowshoeing will be on the other. Please stay on the appropriate side to maintain the integrity of the specific groomed trail.

Please do not veer off the trail and into the short grass areas, as compaction of snow can create ice, which can lead to turf death come next Spring. The trails are in specific locations so that you avoid all tees, fairways, and greens.

Hope to see you out there.

Mike Manthey


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