Holiday Groom

The winter trails have been groomed. It was great to see them getting some use this week. If you’ve been out, then you know that we’ve had to cross the trail a few times with our truck and chipper to complete our tree work. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable, and with no snow for the past week+, those areas where we’ve crossed, aren’t smoothed out quite yet.

But overall, the trails are in great shape heading into the holidays. We hope you can make it out and enjoy.

Happy Holidays,

Mike Manthey

2 Replies to “Holiday Groom”

  1. Gregory Amer says:


    I walk the golf course for at least an hour four days per week.
    It is so beautiful and peaceful! Really awesome.
    So grateful to be able to do this.

    Greg Amer

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      So happy to hear this Greg!

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