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Golf magazine recently reached out to Midland, asking about our course restoration. One of their writers, Josh Berhow, had found the story about finding our Seth Raynor map, through my Twitter feed, and thought it would make an interesting article right before the holidays, as they are trying to cover more topics of golf course architecture for their readers. Twitter is a great way for me to make fun, quick, on-the-course updates on the Turf Department’s daily accomplishments.

Here is Josh’s article on Midland –

And if you’re interested in following along on Twitter –

It’s fun for Midland to get some ink, and shed some light on what a fantastic golf course you all have. It truly is a unique and special piece of golf history.

Like I’ve said before, 2021 can’t come soon enough!

Mike Manthey

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  1. Dan Kelly says:

    It is a really good article, and gives credit where credit is due!

    Take a bow, Mike.

    1. Mike Manthey says:


      There’s lots of people behind the scenes that deserve credit, a lot more than people realize!

  2. Dan Beckman says:

    Congratulations. That’s a great article. The hidden bunkers are something I don’t remember you discussing before. I have intentionally stayed off property so my first view will be when I can play it next summer. It’s getting hard to wait.

    1. Mike Manthey says:


      Yes, that topic was coming on my next post, #2! Josh beat me to it. We were a bunch of golf history nerds digging in the dirt, acting like archeologists. I can’t believe you haven’t seen the course, you are in for a treat! (I hope)


  3. Bruce Drake says:

    Mike – great article. A good detective story. Cudos. Walked the course many times this autumn. Visually stunning. Yes, short winter, early spring!!!

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      Always good to see you out there!
      Fingers crossed for an early spring.

  4. Matt Fennacy says:

    New member here! I guess I joined at just the right time! Fantastic to read about the history and get teased about what to expect in the Spring. Can’t wait to knock some rust off the old swing, and (more importantly) make some new friends in the near future! Happy Holidays to all!

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      Welcome to Midland Matt! You’ve joined us at the perfect time, and I’m certain you’ll have a great time and make great friends at the same time in 2021.
      Happy Holidays!

    2. Dan Kelly says:

      You are going to love it, Matt. Welcome!


  5. Paul Kirkegaard says:

    I’m eager to walk the course after this snow (maybe during the snow?) to get a better appreciation of the shapes and contours that all of you created this past year. Thanks again for all your work!

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      Never better a time to study the contours after a nice snowfall. Everything is accentuated.

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