Winter Sport Trails Groomed

We’ve groomed the winter sport trails today. Unfortunately the snow is becoming somewhat thin in areas from being blown around so you will notice we didn’t lay down a fresh classic cross country ski track. The groomer needs sufficient snow so it won’t dig into the ground and the ski trail is too packed down. However there still remains a classic track, it’s just newly groomed. The positive side is that the cross country and snow skate trails are skiing very fast right now. With the cold weather and now some sunshine and a grooming, the snow is packed tight and is quick.

Jan 13 2015

A very important reminder!!!! Regardless if you are skiing, walking or snowshoeing, PLEASE stay on the trails. They keep you off all Greens, Tees and Fairways. This is important because packing the snow on the playing surfaces can create ice. The Poa Annua in our playing surfaces is very susceptible to winter kill from ice formation. Both trails to the front and back 9 start at the driving range tee.

Small PG Jan 13 2015

Here you can see someone decided to walk across the Small Putting Green this morning with their snowshoes. Even with Winter Greens Covers in place, ice can form under these tracks and can leave unsightly dead areas of Poa Annua come Spring.


With warmer weather approaching, come out and enjoy the trails!





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