A Significant Discovery!

For many decades now, Midland Hills has been making guesses about what Seth Raynor intended when he designed our golf course. We were certain that much of the original design had slowly been lost over time, as the golf course evolved. We have made our best guesses based on the earliest aerial photograph (1937), how […]

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Mid Winter Update

We are actually further than mid-way through winter, for the record! Our department has been cranking out projects and normal routine maintenance. Some of these will have a noticeable impact upon first seeing them, some of them will go unnoticed. It’s the sum of all the effort that make up our goal of constant progress […]

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Early Winter Update

Winter officially starts this coming Thursday, but it feels like forever ago that we closed the golf course. The weather since closing has been filled with ups and downs, but regardless, our department has been very busy and productive. The process of closing down the course and getting things “winterized” was a marathon this Fall. […]

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