Winter Trails Refreshed

With enough snow over the past week, we were finally able to groom the winter trails once again.

The high winds have blown out a few areas, the worst being the hillside of #9, so use caution if you are skate skiing through this section.


Again, as a reminder, as we’ve had users of the trails use the incorrect section:

  •  If you are classic cross-country skiing, use the far left side of the trail
  •  If you are skate skiing, use the middle section of the trail
  •  If you are snowshoeing, or walking, please use the far right side of the trail

This way, the trail is preserved for each of the intended uses, for the next person. We also know that neighbors are using the trails, specifically, late afternoons, and on the weekends. My staff is not here during those hours, so if you see someone using the trails on the incorrect side, please help educate them. Self-policing is the best way to keep the community users educated.

The weather over the next few days is a tad erratic for temperatures, so if you find yourself with free time tomorrow, I highly recommend getting out and enjoying the property!

Mike Manthey


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