Let’s stay on the topic of tees. First, the golf shop has made the switch to wooden tees, away from plastic.

  • The wood tee has a nice classy vibe, especially with the logo
  • They are natural, and will actually break down in the ground if they can’t be retrieved
  • They’re less prone to mimic miniature spears that pierce the tires of our mowers, sprayers, and topdressing equipment, when run over

But yes the wooden tees do tend to break easier than the plastic tee. However, we are seeing an increasing trend of players tossing their broken tees in the rough, and even more in the Fescues, if it surrounds the tee. This is less than ideal for our team because we now have to scour the roughs and Fescues to retrieve them, as they can still puncture tires, and we strive to provide the best presentation for you and your guests. We don’t think of our roughs, or our Fescues, as trash cans. We actually think they’re pretty legit!

Tees Tossed in the Fescue

Not Much Better -Tossed in the Rough

If you’re a tosser, it would be fantastic if you could toss your broken tee right next to the tee marker that you play from (on Par 4 and 5s), as it will save us a lot of time picking them up. (The par 3 tees have the broken tee boxes). It will also keep Midland’s roughs and Fescues looking clean and tidy (which we pride ourselves on). We fill divots on your tee boxes daily, as well as move the tee marker locations, so there are multiple staff members that can easily retrieve them if they are left on the tee.

The Perfect Toss

Small details add up to the bigger experience. Help us give you, your peers, and everyone’s guests the best experience possible. Spread the word, don’t be a rough or Fescue tosser!

Much appreciated,

Mike Manthey

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