Early Winter Update

Winter officially starts this coming Thursday, but it feels like forever ago that we closed the golf course. The weather since closing has been filled with ups and downs, but regardless, our department has been very busy and productive. The process of closing down the course and getting things “winterized” was a marathon this Fall. […]

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As I stated in my last newsletter the weather this time of year is unpredictable and changes very quickly. The multiple forecasts that I look at have winter setting in a little early this year. Therefore the last day the golf course will be open is this Sunday, October 29th. Tomorrow, the golf course will […]

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First Frost Delay

We will have our first frost delay of the season this morning. With the temperature dropping all the way to 32 last night, expect this delay to last for several hours. Check in with the golf shop with updates later this morning. While this frost might be an inconvenience, it’s an important step for the […]

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