Winter Preparations

There was light frost this morning, which means Fall is officially here. As a reminder, we are starting the process of topdressing and deep-tining fairways today.

On average, we will attempt to finish 2-3 holes per day, as the process of deep-tining is very slow (.70 mph). If we see rain in the forecast (like there is this coming Friday, we may alter our plans accordingly) We apply a light rate of sand to fairways for two reasons. First to help protect the crown of the turf plants for winter survival, as well as for the agronomic benefits (discouraging Poa/promoting Bentgrass, reducing after effects of worm casts, reducing surface compaction, increased infiltration rates, etc.). We need the sand to get through the canopy, down to the crowns, so that at the end of the month, when we apply our winter snow mold applications, we get excellent leaf coverage during the spray.


The timing of our deep-tining is also for several reasons. First, we avoid doing it during our August aerification, when we’re in the middle of the golf season, because the holes do not heal quickly. Also, we want the holes to remain open during the winter months. This helps reduce the chances of winter-kill during snow melt and freeze/thaw cycles. It also helps the process of natural frost heaving crack the soils deeper, helping with drainage in our heavy soils, as well as relieving compaction from carts, mowers, etc. This also has an ROI during the spring rains, drying the surfaces quicker, and providing better playing/growing conditions.

This is a minimum of a 2 week process, so we will be closing holes that we are working on. Our staff’s safety is paramount, so no one should ever be hitting into our team. Second, we cannot stop the deep-tine machine because of it’s pace, and the window of opportunity to complete the process closing quickly. We will be putting up signs at tee boxes on holes we are working on, stating the hole is closed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, in our constant pursuit in making Midland the best golf experience possible. If you have questions, please reach out.

Mike Manthey

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