The Stage is Set

On Monday, the golf course Master Plan work begins. #1 and 5 greens will go to temporaries in their fairways. You will see Hartman Constrution, along with our staff, begin the labor-intensive demo process. Because of design changes, both of these greens need a large amount of soil hauled to them. That soil will come from the large berm behind the 6th green. We will need to get that soil from #6 to 1 and 5 greens with tractor and trailers, and will need your help. When you play #7, please park your cart behind the green (not to the right of the green) when you reach it, as the cartpath that runs along #7 will be a main thoroughfare for the tractors.

Also, if you encounter the tractors with your carts at any point, please give them the right-away, as we’re trying to minimize damage from driving the tractors off of the cartpath. They will also not stop for play, unless they need to cut in front of shots being hit. They will also be driving up and down the 5th hole as well as in front of the 2nd tee, so if you see them while on those tees, please be patient and allow them to reach a safe distance before hitting. Thank you for being understanding and helping with the efficiency of the project.

You will see the progress of #1 and 5 happen quickly, and I hope to post photos, and explanations of the changes, as the progress unfolds.

We will also be applying a non-selective herbicide to the fairway expansions tomorrow. This application needs to be extremely precise, as well as free from any foot or cart traffic before it dries. This is why tee times start at 1:00 pm, and the tee sheet is blocked off next Wednesday morning, July 29th. The scheduled outside event on Monday the 27th decided to do tee times, instead of the previously scheduled 1:00 shotgun, thus we lost our scheduled time to make the second application to the fairway expansions. After the second application to the fairway expansions, we will then start seeding the expansions to Bentgrass. I’ll send out communication at that point, but keeping cart traffic off of them will be paramount in their establishment and success. The more concentrated cart traffic they receive, the more seed that will perish. I’ll send out another post about how you can help us by following some recommendations.

As a reminder, the front 9 will remain open for play through July, closing August 1st. The back 9 will remain open until the progress of the project gets there. That date is weather dependent, as well as how efficient construction is. We will also be setting up scheduled dates to tour the completed work. Communication will be sent out, as you can sign up for the tours on ForeTees.

See you out there,

Mike Manthey

2 Replies to “The Stage is Set”

  1. Brad M says:

    Showtime! Appreciate all the hard work you and your team are about to tackle!!

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      Thanks Brad, buckle up!

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