Week 2

Week two. Our architect, Jim Urbina, along with shapers Joe Hancock, and Zach Varty, got off to a phenomenal start, because of the preparation work from Hartman Co. during week one. If you played this week, you experienced a lot of horsepower and progress. We were so effective, that we moved forward with roughing out some new tees, demoing bunkers on 2 and 9, along with removing cartpaths, aerifying fairway expansions, and a complete rebuild of 1 and almost completing 5 greens with hauling out over 250 tons of material from 1 green, and hauling in over 600 tons of fill and greens mix to both greens.

Here’s a review in pictures:

1 Green Double Plateau conception in the field


5 Green Maiden


2 Green Road Hole

Forward Tee on 9

Cartpath removal at 9 Green


Now that the Fairway expansions have all been seeded, they need to stay moist. The only way to accomplish this is running irrigation multiple times per day, especially in the afternoons. Starting tomorrow, irrigation will be running starting at 5:00 am, 10:00am, 2:00pm, 5:00pm, and 8:00pm. There are hundreds of heads that need to run individually for 4 minutes (one rotation) on the edges of Fairways, and Approaches. These heads will be set from the central control computer, and will run based on the most efficient way the computer configures. This means that you may get wet, and we apologize in advance! We couldn’t ask for a better forecast, however, it looks to be warming up and run intervals will change, in order to keep the seedlings alive. This also means that with frequent waterings daily, these areas, as well as the middle of the fairways, will be wet and soft. This increases the importance of keeping golf carts off of the fairways. Like I stated before, if you hit your ball down the right hand side of the hole, keep your cart on the right side, all the way to the green, drive behind the green, to the next tee. Avoid driving down the middle of the fairway, as you’ll have to cut across the expansions at some point! 


This week we’ll plan to sod out 1 green, 1 approach, 5 green expansion, start rebuilding 2 and 9 greens, and get several tees demo’d and rebuilt. Our sodding sub-contractor will be on site later in the week to sod out bunker faces, green and tee surrounds. The first membership tours are set for the Women’s Finale August 13th, and for anyone the following week, August 20th. Sign up is on ForeTees.

Mike Manthey

6 Replies to “Week 2”

  1. Steve Lee says:

    Remarkable work, Mike!

    So exciting to see things take shape!

    Thanks for all the planning and hard work and…

    …get some sleep!

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      We’re about to ramp up with a little shoulder room today!

      4 hours a night is good right?

  2. Paul Kirkegaard says:

    Thanks for the great explanations of what is happening. I really like the photos of the progress!

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      Thanks PK!!

  3. Norm Chervany says:

    Great report … looks exciting … looking forward to seeing the final results on each of the holes, hopefully this Fall.

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      Thanks Norm,

      Exciting times lie ahead.

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