Last Weekend, Last Frost

Unfortunately the last Saturday of the golf season will be a frost delay, and more than likely, a lengthy one.

With temperatures at 29 degrees right now, and more than likely dipping lower as the sun rises, it will be several hours until we’re clear to play.

We will forego any maintenance other than essential leaf blowing to get everyone out as quickly as possible.

Check with the golf shop for the next update, which will be  ~ 9:00am

Come in, have breakfast at the club, and take a look at the pavering progress around the golf shop/range tee/back of clubhouse while you wait!






























Mike Manthey

2 Replies to “Last Weekend, Last Frost”

  1. Dave Sellergren says:

    The paver patterns are quite artful.

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      A nice artistic addition to the member experience!

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