Winter Trails Open

We finally have enough snow to open the trail, and they are now groomed for use. The condition of the trail is not great, as it will take some time and multiple grooms, to set in.

As I mentioned before, the trail begins on the driving range fairway, not on the tee. Please do not ski/walk over the range tee as we don’t want ice accumulation on the new/unrooted sod.

Again, there is a section of the trail for snowshoeing/walking (right), skate skiing (middle), and classic skiing (left), so please be courteous to others and use the appropriate section. The trail runs counter clockwise on both the front and back nine.

If you see anyone on the course that is not on the trail, please let them know that we do not want traffic off trail, mainly to prevent ice accumulation on greens, tees, and fairways, as well as for everyone’s safety.

We hope you can make it out to enjoy before the cold weather sets in.

Mike Manthey



2 Replies to “Winter Trails Open”

  1. Paul Kirkegaard says:

    Thanks to you and the crew for all the work! It is beautiful out there!

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      Thx PK, hope you’re great!

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