Surface Drainage

When we rebuilt the 14th green last Fall, we excavated a lot of soil, some areas as much as 18″. The sub-grade of the green was built, with surface drainage having positive flow to the drainage inlet, and sod laid over the top of that. During construction, a common challenge is making sure you properly pack all of the soils, to prevent settling. To pack every square inch in a green as large is 14 is extremely difficult.

After a few Spring rain events this year, we noticed that the front right corner of the green had settled. As a result, surface drainage off of the putting surface was compromised. During a large rain event, it held a lot of water, and eventually light irrigation cycles even held water in the lowest spot. As a result, we needed to correct it.


You may not have noticed the green holding water, because by the time you got there, we had already removed whatever size puddle of water was there. You may have noticed that the soils were always soggy and soft, and the turf was thin. Unfortunately, without positive surface drainage, the quality of turf in the front corner was not up to our standard, nor would it correct itself on its own.



We waited until now, past the core golf season to make the correction, and execute the project. The heal time will be quick, and we’ll keep the pin away from the corner. The sod will not be ground under repair, but if your ball does not come to rest in the sodded area, please avoid walking through it if at all possible.

Onward and upward.

Mike Manthey

2 Replies to “Surface Drainage”

  1. Dan Kelly says:

    No big deal, but why not make it Ground Under Repair?

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      I don’t anticipate enough foot traffic on that corner to be an issue. If does, we’ll change gears. But even it it was GUR, people will still walk over it……

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