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2022 Golf Season – First Round Experiences

The beginning of the golf season has taken awhile to arrive, and its preceding weather to has been anything but conventional. So here’s a few things you can expect to encounter if you’re playing your first round of golf this opening weekend:   Deep tine holes on greens, tees, and fairways. We deep tine playing […]

Winter Trails Groomed for Weekend

After a few chilly days, Justin and Tina have completed a fresh groom of the winter trails. The weather looks to have made a turn away from fridgid temperatures, so we hope to see you out there enjoying! Mike Manthey

A Chilly Groom

Yes, it’s bone chilling out, but Justin groomed the winter trails yesterday. The abundant sunshine all day packed the snow tight with the groom, so the trail set up nicely. Once the temperatures warm up to your threshold, we hope you can make it out to enjoy. Mike Manthey

Fresh Groom

The last few snow events, followed up by extremely cold, dry air, has resulted in the winter trails blowing over quickly. Yesterday’s snowfall had little moisture content, so it’s expected that the snow will again be mobile once the wind picks up. Assistant GCS, Tina Rosenow, has just finished grooming the trails so they’re ready […]

Winter Trails Refreshed

With enough snow over the past week, we were finally able to groom the winter trails once again. The high winds have blown out a few areas, the worst being the hillside of #9, so use caution if you are skate skiing through this section.   Again, as a reminder, as we’ve had users of […]

Winter Trails Ready!

The weather has been unusually warm, and if it’s going to be “winter” we might as well have snow to enjoy the scenery of the season. With the welcomed 5″ of snow that fell last night, the winter trails are groomed and ready to enjoy. If you are a new user of the golf course […]

First Killing Frost

Last night it dipped down to 31 degrees, for our first killing frost of the season. Killing frosts will kill off the heartiest “annual” vegetation, but will also start an important process for all perennial plants as well. “Hardening-off” is a crucial step for plants to start the winter-dormancy process. Without that step, plants can […]

First Frost

We’ll have our first frost delay this morning. Temperatures have dipped low enough, and the lack of wind last night, created the perfect situation for frost to form. As always, it’s impossible to say how the long the delay will be, but it will impact tee times this morning. We will forgo most morning maintenance […]

Help Needed

A large part of the Master Plan work was green expansions. If you recall, the procedure for expanding greens was to excavate the soil down 5″, then refill that cavity with a mixture of soil/sand that matched the existing topdressing of the green as close as possible. Several areas of subsoils were even created during […]