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The current 4th hole was originally the 2nd. You played from the current 6th tee, and played to the current 4th green. In the picture below, you’ll notice the driving range West of what is now Hwy 280, the clubhouse in its original location, and the bottom left corner, where the current 6th green is […]

Fresh Groom for the Weekend

We’ve had a TON of activity on the winter trails over the past few weeks, which is great to see. The snow conditions were not ideal for a grooming up until today, so Tina Rosenow just finished setting up the trails with a fresh groom. With all of the activity, as a reminder, please stay […]


The current third hole, which used to be the original 18th at Midland, is a hole that remains very much the same as it was 100 years ago. And if you think about that, it was an extremely difficult closer! Being almost exactly the same length, and comparing how far the average player hit it […]

First Groom

Justin Hemauer just completed the first winter-trail groom of the season. There is one important change to the route this year. With all of the seed/seedlings of Fescue in the rough, we have altered the normal route, as to stay off of those planted areas. The ski trail usually creates a solid sheet of ice […]

Road Hole

The second hole at Midland, the Road Hole, has an interesting, and somewhat cloudy, history. Raynor modeled it after one of the most famous golf holes in all of golf, the 17th at the Old Course at St. Andrews. It’s important to remember that Raynor never traveled to the UK or Scotland himself to see […]

Love from Golf.com

Golf magazine recently reached out to Midland, asking about our course restoration. One of their writers, Josh Berhow, had found the story about finding our Seth Raynor map, through my Twitter feed, and thought it would make an interesting article right before the holidays, as they are trying to cover more topics of golf course […]

Virtual Tour

2020 seemed to be all things virtual, so why not start a digital tour of the Master Plan implementation. I tried my best to document the most interesting aspects of the project, and will sprinkle in reasons behind the changes, highlighting strategy, aesthetics, construction methods, history, “Templates”, challenges, and some fun along the way. The […]

Week 2 ……. to Week 16!

“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.” Leonard Bernstein was correct. Time doesn’t care about our plans! My plan was to blog the progress of the Master Plan work, but that didn’t happen. There just wasn’t enough time. I didn’t plan for the unknown, which was how […]

Week 2

Week two. Our architect, Jim Urbina, along with shapers Joe Hancock, and Zach Varty, got off to a phenomenal start, because of the preparation work from Hartman Co. during week one. If you played this week, you experienced a lot of horsepower and progress. We were so effective, that we moved forward with roughing out […]