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Tuesday Delay

A strong front is coming through the metro, with heavy rains, lightning and wind. This will delay our maintenance this morning, and will have an effect on tee times. Once it’s safe, and dry enough to mow, we will resume, but will need time to get out and stay ahead of golf. The golf shop […]


It’s been some time when we’ve received rain on a weekend morning (2020), and it looks like today will break that dry streak. With lightning approaching, it will alter our normal maintenance program. It will also more than likely alter tee times. Our goal will be to get play out on the course as soon […]

Course update and some Fescue Management

It’s been a while since the last post. The weather has been all consuming with keeping things properly hydrated for the past 2 months. It’s been a mental grind to keep up seven days a week with all of the sod, as the heat hasn’t let up, nor can we. Our staff has done a […]

Formal Intro

In an attempt to introduce our department’s staff better, we’ll try to do some short intro posts in the future. A big portion of our department’s goal is to complete our work out of sight. This creates a better experience for the player, but creates a challenge, specifically for our young, full-time, turf professional staff […]

Heavy Frost Delay…

Usually we worry about rain washing out aerification. Fitting, that this Spring, frost will not only delay us from starting day two of the process, but if you have a tee time on the back nine this morning, your round will be effected. Check with the golf shop for updates. Thanks, Mike Manthey


The closing hole at Midland, which is not an original Raynor hole, is called Home. Remember, that when the clubhouse was relocated, and the driving range was built in its current location, the original 16th hole played down the corner of 18, and the back of the range, while the original 7th hole played across […]


The 17th at Midland is the Long Template. A straight away par 5 that has not changed much in the past 100 years. A hole in which Raynor designed with a massive corridor, yet there was never a side of the hole that created a large advantage, until your approach. But by hitting three quality […]

Frost 2.0

Unfortunately there is frost again this morning. We will again forgo normal maintenance to get you on the course as soon as possible. Check with the golf shop for updates. Thanks for your patience, Mike Manthey


Unfortunately there is frost this morning, and it will effect tee times, as the tee sheet is full. We will forgo a few maintenance practices ahead of play, when the frost does lift, to get everyone out on the course as soon as possible. Watch Foretees for tee time changes, and contact the golf shop […]