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Frost 2.0

Unfortunately there is frost again this morning. We will again forgo normal maintenance to get you on the course as soon as possible. Check with the golf shop for updates. Thanks for your patience, Mike Manthey


Unfortunately there is frost this morning, and it will effect tee times, as the tee sheet is full. We will forgo a few maintenance practices ahead of play, when the frost does lift, to get everyone out on the course as soon as possible. Watch Foretees for tee time changes, and contact the golf shop […]

Spring Update

The golf season has begun, and there’s a few things I’d like to update everyone on: The golf course is very wet from over 2″ of rain last week. This, combined with acres and acres of sod, and seeded areas, creates quite the challenge. We won’t pin areas of green expansion until they dry out, […]


The 16th at Midland, Redan, is one of the most unique renditions of the most commonly copied Template hole you might ever see. If you’ve ever played a Raynor-designed Redan, then you know Midland’s has a different take. This doesn’t make it bad. Actually, as Jim Urbina put it, it makes it wonderfully unique, and […]


The 15th at Midland, named Pond, by Jim Urbina, is a fantastic short par four. But studying Raynor’s drawing (and according to Urbina), it was originally, and arguably, an all-world, short par 4. The first thing to notice in the drawing below, is how the pond came out into the players eye off the tee, […]


The original 12th, now the 14th, at Midland is an original Raynor Alps. A rare Template, mainly because the correct topography was needed to find the hole, in its natural state, without having to move a lot of earth as part of the design process. Raynor, undoubtedly, was more than pleased when he found the […]

Spring Fever

Winter has been long. The snow is gone (for the next few hours). Everyone wants to get out and play. A tradition like no other in Minnesota, sparked by the first few nice, warm days of early Spring, is “when will the golf course open?” This question is usually followed up by, “well xyz golf […]


The 13th at Midland was determined by Jim Urbina to play as the template, Leven. The history of the original 11th has a lot of unknowns, as well as a few assumptions. Unfortunately, proof of those assumptions cannot be found. Because of Raynor’s drawing, there is an assumption that the hole originally had 2 fairways; […]


The 12th hole, Biarritz, is one of the most unique Raynor Template holes, and Midland’s does not disappoint. The history of the Biarritz is interesting, and just like many Templates, comes with differing opinions on how the hole should be presented. Most of the differing opinions revolve around if there should be greens height of […]