Colossal Rain

After receiving over 3″ of rain yesterday and a weekly total of 4.2″, the golf course is flooded in all low areas.

There will be no carts at this time. A decision on carts for this afternoon will be made at noon.

We are going to do everything in our abilities to get things restored as soon as possible. We will need to mow as much as we can, so you will see my staff mowing dry areas of the property, but until next week, many areas of the course will remain uncut. There is debris in many areas that will take several days to clean up. This time of year, we are at half than peak-season staff numbers, so things will take longer to clean up over 160 acres.

After we are finished mowing areas that are dry enough, we will begin to pump and push water on the property. Many areas, especially the West side of the property, will have to wait until the drainage system of Highway 280 drains away, as right now, the system in inundated with water.

Thank you for your patience, and please use caution, as my staff will be focused on the task at hand, in the middle of play.

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