Centennial Bridge Update

There has been a lot of behind the scenes work being done with our Centennial Bridge. After a year of planning, engineering, applying for and being approved for permits, carefully picking products to produce the intended local Old-World look, and refining logistics, Hartman Construction has been building the bridge inside their heated facility for the past three months.

The 6 individual concrete bridge components were poured, and let cured, for several weeks. This process alone sounds simplistic, but was anything but.


Now, the real stone facia is being carefully attached. This blend of technical and artistic skill is producing an absolutely exciting result.

As a refresher, we need access to our property from the South side of #7, through the city of Lauderdale. Their streets are outdated in regards to their structural strength. We need to wait until a certain amount of frost has set in to gain clearance for the 100-ton crane to deconstruct the existing bridge, and install the new one. We also need the ice on Walsh Lake to be very thick, so that Hartman can drive skid loaders on the ice to assist with the deconstruction/construction. A starting date on Midland property of February 1st was the set goal, based on weather averages, and more importantly, the city’s historical road restrictions. Contingency plans were made if the weather didn’t cooperate, but with the recent weather, and current forecast for next week, we look to be exactly where we planned on being.

So here’s the first look at what the bridge looks like as of today. After all of the stone is attached, the next step will be to mortar in between the stone and set the top-cap.


This bridge is a celebration of Midland’s 100 years of existence, and a gift for the current and next generation of members. As we start the deconstruction of the old bridge, I’ll post more pictures and videos to keep everyone up to date. You can watch this chilly project unfold from the comforts of your home!

Mike Manthey


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  1. Norm Chervany says:

    Great update. I really liked the video.

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