Last night’s storm brought us 2.75″ of rain, after 2:00 am. The golf course had already received 1.95″ since last Saturday. With the ground being saturated, and the rain that fell this morning, there is no where for it to go. Even areas of the course that do have drainage (including bunkers), are not working yet, because the system is backed up, and needs to empty first before the standing water can be taken in.

Regardless, we’re doing everything we can to make the course as playable as possible.

However, we cannot get carts on the golf course today. There is too much standing water, and areas which carts cannot safely get through. 

Check with the golf shop for details on rulings for today’s play.

Thanks for your patience while we put the course back together.

Mike Manthey

2 Replies to “Socked”

  1. Rob Etten says:

    Amazing job by you and your team this weekend, Mike!

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      Thank you sir!

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