First Frost Delay

We’ll be on our first frost delay of the Spring this morning. Hopefully it lifts quickly and has little effect on tee times.

The night time temperatures have continued to dip into the 30’s this week, delaying recovery of many areas of the golf course – a few select greens, divots germinating, and the rough which is getting very beat down from twice the normal amount of cart traffic. Hopefully this is the last week of cooler night time temps, and things start to progress a little quicker.

If you are playing tomorrow, expect a more lengthier delay, as frost will most likely occur.

Check with the golf shop this morning if you have an early tee time for updates.

Mike Manthey

4 Replies to “First Frost Delay”

  1. Fred Zonino says:

    Noticed dry/worn areas due to push carts and carts on several high traffic specific areas, such as 10 tee boxes (back and forward). Might be worthwhile to put up some diverting signs until we get some rain.

    Wider fairways are great as are the new green aprons.

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      Good eye. I’m not too concerned about the push carts, they should bounce back with this rain and warmer forecast, but the golf cart traffic to the forward tee on 10 is an issue. We’ll see if we get relief from the rain but most likely stakes will be needed.
      Lots of positive comments about the new short grass areas. Fun to see players hit a variety of shots!

  2. John Wicks says:

    Mr. Manthey,
    Are there certain greens on the course which lie in low areas that are more susceptible to lower temperatures than those greens higher up? Such as #1, #6, #12, #14 ?

    1. Mike Manthey says:


      Exactly. Those greens are lower and have cooler soil temps. They also have less air movement and sunlight exposure. Those 4 greens you’ve listed have the worst growing environments on the entire course, and cause us the most issues, season specific.

      Great observation.

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