Winter Sports Trail

The winter sports trails are open. This season hasn’t been the greatest for winter sports. Very little snow, a lot of wind and extremely cold weather has prevented us from grooming trails but if you enjoy being outside, seeing the golf course this time of year is wonderful. We have 3 trails groomed: 1 Classic Cross Country 2. Skate Skiing, Snowshoeing/Walking. All three trails are side by side. Please use the appropriate trail and stay on the trail at all times. The map below will keep you off the Greens, Tees and Fairways. Any compaction of snow from skiing, snowshoeing and walking can create ice which can easily kill Poa Annua grasses (Another topic for discussion in a later post!). There is a front 9 and back 9 loop all starting at the Driving Range Tee. Please put your skis on at that point and enjoy!



mhcc-ski and snowshoe-trail web


4 Replies to “Winter Sports Trail”

  1. Norm Chervany says:

    Great idea … looking forward to reading the “news”!

    …. and remember ….

    Spring will come!!

    1. Mike Manthey says:


      Thanks and glad to have you following!


  2. susan says:

    Any coyote sightings this year?

    1. Mike Manthey says:


      Yep the coyotes are out there, hopefully keeping our rabbit population in check!


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