Day 1, a win. Day 2, a loss.

Day one of the project was extremely productive. All of #1 green is demo’d, and #5 green is close. Hartman Construction was prepared, and executed their plan efficiently. Our staff made the application to the fairway expansions, as well as assisted with irrigation demo.

Soil from behind 6 green being used for #1 and 5 green complex expansions

1 green demo almost complete, with topdressing mix piled to the right, to be reused on new green.


Day two, is a complete loss. Rain will prevent any work from happening, as it will be more damaging than productive. This will be the ebb and flow of the project, the weather will dictate progress.

Overall, it was a relief to finally start the implementation of the Master Plan. This week, the goal will be to prepare as much as we can for Jim Urbina and his shapers, who will start next Monday. As a reminder, please park your carts behind 7 green, as the remainder of the week, we’ll be hauling soil down the cartpath on 7.

See you out there,

Mike Manthey

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