Help Needed!

Today we are starting the seeding process to the Fairway expansions on the back 9, and we need everyone’s help. We need carts to not drive through them, as once the seed germinates early next week, cart traffic will kill the young seedlings. The success of this process will really depend on your cooperation.  

On #10, we will direct cart traffic to the right side of the green, because of the large area seeded to the left of the approach. On all other holes, if you hit your tee shot on the right hand side of the fairway, and the cartpath at the green is on the left side, please drive down the left side, and walk to your ball. If you forget, and you drive down the right hand side of the hole, stay on the right side, all the way to the green, and drive around the back of the green to the next tee. Driving down the middle of the fairway is the worst thing you can do, as you’ll have to cross over the seedlings at some point.

All of this goes against normal protocol, but this is the best way to keep the seedlings alive – NO cart traffic on them.

Again, help each other out if someone doesn’t understand the concept, or forgets. We really need help on this, and the success of it is in your hands.

The other aspect, once we get germination of the seed next week, will be watering. You will see, and experience, irrigation running during the day, during play. Once the seedlings germinate, their roots are only millimetres in length. They cannot dry out or they will perish. We apologize in advance, but the syringing cycles will be set and let run, regardless of play.

Why seed now? We need as much time to get establishment with the warmer weather/soil temperatures, to survive winter, and be as ready for play as possible next Spring.

Thank you for being a crucial part of the success,

Mike Manthey

4 Replies to “Help Needed!”

  1. Fred Zonino says:

    Same might be said for hitting out of newly seeded areas- don’t! Today, Friday it was easy to see the seeded areas as they were slit. Take a drop.

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      Agreed Fred, the less disturbance, the better the long-term outcome.

      Thanks for the help!

  2. bruce miller says:

    mike wish this remodel would still look at the hill in front of the 8 th green , if the goal is fun and easier golf the cutting of the rough on left side of green has increased the difficulty when the course was built the mowers were not cutting it as tight as done now. i raised this when playing the hole with you and jim but reaction was that is the way it is. may guess is this hole if properly reported has the highest stoke range among all members and doubt if shaving the back will help many, maybe create a several yards of longer grass in front was done several yrs ago and worked but quickly went back to cutting it tight. bruce miller

    1. Mike Manthey says:

      Hey Bruce,
      Thanks for the note. First, no matter what happens with the restoration, there will be individuals who like/don’t like certain aspects of the work. It’s impossible to make everyone happy. The 8th hole is one of Raynor’s best designed Knoll holes in the country. Can it play tough at times? No doubt. The cutting of the rough on the left side of the green to fairway height coincides with the new forward tee, and expanded fairway left. The expanded fairway give the player a better avenue to play the ball up and over the hill left. The slope left of the green that pitches back at the green will get balls rolling back onto the putting surface, something the rough did not accomplish. You’ve not yet seen the green expansion to the back of the green which will give the player the ability to hit approach shots that will remain on the putting surface. As you know, laying 2 behind the current green, is not an easy 3rd shot. This is the way the green was designed by Raynor, the rough added in front was done as a concession in the 70s and 80s of not embracing the architecture. The same can be said about the mass tree plantings, reducing the playing corridors. The issue many have with 8 green is classic. Modern demands for green speeds create a situation where people want the speed, except when they play a hole like Midland’s Knoll. We could reduce green speeds to 8 on the stimp, that would solve the issue, as well as recapture many fun and challenging pin locations. This is common at the majority of classically designed courses. I believe that the new tee across the bridge, with the new combo scorecard layout, will give the majority the right yardage to play the hole, and to reach the green surface in two, combined with the green expansion in back, the best chance to keep the ball on the dance floor. Also important to note, we have the forward plaques, which in 2021 will move even more forward, giving the best yardage to succeed with navigating this hole, which remains one of the truest Raynor holes that Midland has maintained.

      Once we finish the Knoll, lets meet up and take a look at the changes together.

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